A.R.C. has been a veritable hotbed of activity and we've even managed to snag some video of it when it happens. If you happen to have some video of your visit or a happening at our digs, please Contact Us to see if we can share it here!

Here's a little tour & history of our beloved shop:

Musical Appearances

We also love to showcase musical talents, both local and visiting, when they come to our humble abode. Here's Bad Cop/Bad Cop and their single "Nightmare," featured as part of the's "Stripped Down Sessions" series.

Another gem from Bad Cop/Bad Cop recorded in the shop, "Cucumber."

And yet another lovely from Bad Cop/Bad Cop from the store, "Like, Seriously?"

Last (but never least) from Bad Cop/Bad Cop, "Cheers"


Here's Brock & Sal of TheCore at ARC performing "Let 'Em Eat Cake"

More of Brock & Sal of TheCore at ARC performing "Meet Me at Nipsey's"

Another Brock & Sal of TheCore at ARC performing "Magazine St."


Please enjoy Fossil Youth performing "Silver Tongue"

Check out another great Fossil Youth number,"Intertwined With You"


Here's Dead Birds and Blind Kids with their comic-relevant "Sympathy For Aquaman"


The Hard Pipe Hitters performed "Chicken and Waffles" at ARC


Catch Brock Frabbiele performing "Seize the Carp" in our very own shop!


Jeff Rowe performing "Irish Goodbye" here at ARC


Jesse Pino playing "Therapy" at ARC


Todd Allen of Scarecrow playing "Don't Worry" at ARC

Todd Allen of Scarecrow playing "Maybe If I" at ARC


And here's an entire set performed at ARC by the Rushmore Beekeepers!